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This is Holy Land, This is Our Vision



The Holy Land Trust is neither a political nor a religious organization; we aspire to learn from the spiritual teachings and values of all faiths and traditions that bring unity to the human family and closeness to the Creator of all things, practicing and promoting love, truth and goodness, between all people, and acting always with empathy and compassion.



Nonviolence is at the heart of Holy Land Trust's work and is incorporated into everything we do and strive for. We seek to live out nonviolence as a core spiritual teaching, not only as a pragmatic approach to dealing with conflict.



In order to achieve a future that seems impossible to so many, leaders first need to engage in new levels of thinking that allows for them to fully see the possibility of peace in the Holy Land and work towards that vision.


Healing & Transformation

We believe one of the biggest challenges preventing a viable peace process is the lack of mutual trust and respect between the different groups, especially between Palestinians and Israelis.


Welcome to Holy Land Trust!

The Holy Land Trust offices are located in the heart of Bethlehem’s Old City. The HLT headquarters in the historic building of Hosh Hanania is a beautifully restored conference and meeting facility. For more information or to reserve meeting space, please contact: Mohammad Ali, Administrative Assistant Phone: +970-2-2766002 Email: Palestine@holylandtrust.org Learn more

Meeting Room

Located on the first floor of HLT’s headquarters, visitors are welcomed to the Meeting Room, a multi-use space. The room is used to conduct HLT activities including training film screenings and lectures. The room can hold up to 100 people and can be arranged to accommodate auditorium seating, working groups and round-tables for large group discussions. Learn more

Meditation Room

At Holy Land Trust, we believe that working towards peace through nonviolence requires a holistic approach to the challenges faced by the peoples of the land. So many spend effort on work and in serving the community that they ignore or neglect their mental and spiritual health. Holistic healing and transformation on a societal level must begin on an individual level. The Meditation Room on the second floor, furnished in a traditional Bedouin style setting, is a beautiful environment for praying Learn more

Peace and Research Learning Center

The Peace Research and Learning Center (PRLC) will serve as a working space with a wide range of peace-related resource materials including books, reports, scholarly articles and films. The PRLC is designed for locals and international students, educators, historians, researchers, and the general public. Located on the 3rd floor, it is dedicated to all those invested in working for peace. Through the PRLC, users will be able to access historic and political data dealing with a region or country Learn more

Jivana Café

Situated on a rooftop overlooking the old city of Bethlehem, Shepherd’s Field and the Judean desert, sits a peace café, the first of its kind in Palestine. With a breathtaking view, the Jivana Café will welcome locals and internationals while learning about social, political, and cultural issues around the world. From the Hindi word for "Life," Jivana Café is our hope that folks from all over Palestine and the world can share life together here.The Jivana Café will offer an eclectic menu o Learn more

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