Bringing together the themes of Justice, Faith and Arrt, every August, a quiet pedestrian street leading up to the Church of the Nativity comes to life in a four-day program of workshops, seminars, music, dance, festivities, an open market, and life in the ancient city of Bethlehem.

Now in its 6th year, Bet Lahem Live has grown from a small local festival into one of the most well-attended events of its kind in the Palestinian occupied territories, gathering local and international talent and expertise in the fields of faith and justice, and over 25,000 attendees.  

The festival provides an opportunity for visitors to experience a vision of the possible future, where the City of Peace, lives it full calling. You will also learn more about the neighborhoods and communities of Bethlehem as well as the surrounding cities and villages.  To learn more about this year’s Bet Lahem Live, visit

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