Content Marketing Writer

This is a volunteer remote position.

Reports to: Holy Land Trust Digital Marketing Coordinator

Job Purpose

Holy Land Trust has a new volunteer position available for a Content Marketing Writer. The Content Marketing Writer works closely with the Holy Land Trust’s Digital Marketing Coordinator and team to implement Holy Land Trust’s content marketing activities.
Holy Land Trust is a non-profit Palestinian organization committed to fostering peace, justice and understanding in the Holy Land. We are deeply committed to exploring the root causes of violence and seek to develop solutions to address them. We believe that true peace is achieved through nonviolent activism and personal transformation. Holy Land Trust also works to foster spirituality as a core component in honoring the dignity and equal rights of all peoples.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities
  • Work with the HTL Digital Marketing Coordinator in establishing content marketing strategies and procedures.
  • Manage and post all HLT marketing content according to the established HLT editorial calendar. 
  • Develop and coordinate the distribution of marketing content for both digital and offline channels including but not limited to: blogging, website content, online publications, email marketing, print, etc.
Professional Skills & Qualifications
  • Excellent writing and content development skills for creating a variety of content for the web and offline channels. Must speak English as a first language.
  • Excellent story teller. The ability to tell a compelling and engaging story that communicates our brand story and vision.
  • Have an excellent knowledge of the latest content marketing strategies.
  • High levels of attention to detail, integrity, autonomy, and self-motivation.
  • A BA degree in marketing, business, journalism, communications, or related field preferred.
Time Commitment
  • Approx. 8 -10 hours per month

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